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Glass Sex toys

Hmmmm... where to start with glass sex toys?

Many people's reaction to these type of toys is, glass really? isn't that dangerous? Well here at Castle we have a large selection of glass dildos, glass anal plugs and now strap on harness compatible glass dildos. There should not be any fear of using glass sex toys as they are very safe. 

All of the glass sex toys we carry at Castle Megastore are made from the same material as your ordinary Pyrex kitchen bowl. This material is very strong and is temperature responsive. Yes that means your glass dildo will respond to your body temperature, making it more comfortable to play. They glass is also hypoallergenic and can actually be cleaned by placing it in your dishwasher. Yes these glass sex toys are dishwasher safe. If you do not feel safe placing it in your dishwasher, than just soapy warm water and a good rinse is all you need to clean your sex toy.